How To: Use text field form validation in Dreamweaver CS4

Use text field form validation in Dreamweaver CS4

Here the New Boston shows you some tips about using the Spry Validation Text Field. To begin you will go to the Spry Validation Text Field, on Dreamweaver CS4. Looking at the bottom of the page notice the various options that are available for Properties. You find drop-down boxes for Type, Pattern, Minimum or Maximum values, Required, Enforce pattern, Format, Validate on, Blur or Change and Preview States. You can see the types of text available for validating by left mouse clicking the Type drop-down. These options include Integer, Email Address, Date, Time, Credit Card, Zip Code, Phone Number, Social Security Number, Currency, Real Number/Scientific Notation, IP Address, URL or Custom text. This Spry Validation contains the most options for validating the text field. You might know that the Integer is going to be a number or numbers that do not carry decimal points. The date format includes many options you can validate according to the way you prefer the date formatted easily. Using the date format validation the month or day can be typed into the text field using either 01 or 1, but the year should include the same number of digits as there are letters in the option you select. For your time option the single t is used when you want to indicate morning as a or afternoon and evening as p, if you choose "tt" you should indicate morning as am and afternoon and evening as pm. Phone numbers can be custom patterned in the pattern field if you don't want the other options. When validating currency in Dreamweaver there should be no dollar sign, Euro sign or other annotation or the currency will come back 'invalid format.' This validator here will require http:// (http, colon, forward slash, forward slash). Your 'blur' option lets you type into the text box without interruption, the validator will only come into action after you click outside of the box. The 'change' option will cause validation to take place with each letter or character typed into the text box.

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