How To: Install a web page comment box using Dreamweaver CS4

Install a web page comment box using Dreamweaver CS4

This Dreamweaver CS4 tutorial takes you on a step by step process for installing an automated comment box system for your website. The system is a great way for communicating and interacting with your website users. It has a great feature that automatically sends you an email everytime someone comments in your website. Also it will allow you to post a reply by email.

The installation process is straightforward, all you need to do is go to and register on their site using your email address and a password then click continue. On the next page you could add all your social networking sites (such as facebook, twitter) by entering your credentials that way your text box comments from those sites could show up on your site as well. On the next page Click on the universal code botton and copy the code snippet which you paste on your homepage code using a the Dreamweaver CS4 software. It's that easy!

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