How To: Create page layouts in Dreamweaver CS3

Create page layouts in Dreamweaver CS3

In this episode of Web Design TV Paul Wyatt tackles page layout in Dreamweaver. In this web development software tutorial we cover basic CSS layout, working with Divs to create a simple site template. This episode follows on from last week's Dreamweaver primer on formatting text with CSS.

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This was fantastic! I set up my template (after creating & slicing it in Photoshop) using tables. Once I was ready to add text, it started blowing apart my layout. I wanted an easier way of doing this. You made it easy to redo my template using my slices and thereby creating more flexibility in the future. Thank you.

Much easier way to layout your template page, very clear and well explained tutorial looking forward to viewing more. keep the good work up it's a great help. Thank you.

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